The BBQ Beard-Pinny – Tabasco partners with Urbanology to create must-have hipster BBQ accessory

By on Friday, June 16, 2017

What do you get when you cross a BBQ with a hipster? A messy beard, that’s what!

To solve this sticky problem, hot sauce brand (and BBQ staple) Tabasco and ‘hipster lifestyle brand’ Urbanology have created the limited-edition beard pinny.


The must-have accessory is part of a range of BBQ products on sale, with profits going to children’s food charity Magic Breakfast. Other products include a BBQ Tool Wrap to store those essential BBQ utensils and a three-in-one poncho which can morph into a gazebo and picnic blanket.

This campaign is great for a giggle and helps out a good cause all in one go, so it’s a win win for me!


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