No more bull – statue stands defiant on International Women’s Day

By on Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Disclaimer – I LOVE this.

US fund manager State Street, has placed a statue of a defiant girl staring down the infamous Wall Street Bull in a stunt that’s delighted social media this International Women’s Day.

The bronze statue was placed to highlight the lack of women on corporate boards of financial institutions and the long-debated gender pay gap in financial companies and wider industries.

Standing fearless and defiant in the face of the bull, the additional statue makes for a very powerful visual. I like the simplicity of the stunt and that it evokes a personal response from every individual – my initial reaction was a swelling of pride. Other people have said it makes them feel empowered, some have tweeted that it makes them feel hopeful.

It’s power comes from being open to interpretation, it’s not pink or fluffy or over-complicated. It doesn’t need explaining or fit neatly into one idea of feminism or women’s rights. It’s all encompassing and inclusive.

Photos of the statue are everywhere, coverage and social media engagement will be through the roof and for that, State Street should be very happy. Will it encourage more conversations? Will it convert to more women on boards and bridge the gender pay gap?

Hopefully, but honestly? Who knows.

For now, that image conveys the size of the battle, the resilience of those fighting it and the importance of the early years to set women up for future success. Let’s be clear – this little girl is taking none of your bull (pun intended).

I’ll end how I started – I LOVE it.


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