BrewDog announces world’s first craft beer hotel

By on Monday, March 6, 2017

Hot on the heels of its Puppy Parental Leave story last month, craft beer company BrewDog has announced it will be building the world’s first craft beer hotel.

Alcohol-themed hotels have turned into a bit of a ‘thing’ in PR land of late (I’m looking at you, The Distillery) and BrewDog has jumped on board with its own offering – a beer lover’s dream just a ‘hop’ across the pond at their brewery in Ohio.

Guests can look forward to fully-stocked mini bars, IPA on tap in rooms, beer-themed toiletries and spa treatments and brewing tank hot tubs, which can of course be filled with beer.

I’m feeling sticky already.

The project has already passed its funding target on Indiegogo, and will be built alongside new sour brewing facilities, which founders James Watt and Martin Dickie say will help them explore amazing new flavours and brewing techniques without impacting their day-to-day operation.

I’m sceptical as to whether the hotel will come to life in the way the promo video (watch below) suggests, or even at all. My cynical side says it’s simply a mechanism to promote the fundraising for the new sour brewery with the hotel as an added bonus that’s infinitely more PR-able than the brewery alone.

Whatever the story – kudos to BrewDog for using the growing trend of alcohol-themed stunts to its advantage in order to reach its fundraising target!


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