Chessington employs toddlers to ‘toddler proof’ resort

By on Thursday, March 2, 2017

Chessington World of Adventures is recruiting VIPs (Very Important Pre-Schoolers) between the ages of one and five to help ‘toddler-proof’ the Resort ahead of the release of its new attraction ‘The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure’.

The new ride is launching on Saturday March 18 and will take visitors on the same journey as Mouse in the popular children’s book. To prepare for the influx of excited Gruffalo-hunting children, the theme park is searching for ‘typical toddlers’ to toddler proof the Resort. Applicants must ‘have a knack for naps’, be unpredictable and ‘are passionate about small spaces’.

The campaign is simple and as we often see with job ad type campaigns works very well from a PR perspective. It’s clearly a well thought through idea which links well with Chessington and is easily PR-able because of the “cute” kid angle. You can imagine the amount of mums who are going to sign their kids up and by the looks of the comments on the Chessington Facebook page, many already have!

Involved agency: Frank PR

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