P0rn site responds to archaic Utahn bill by redirecting all traffic to sex ed videos

By on Friday, February 10, 2017

P0rn site xHamster has capitalised on a rejected bill, responding with a PR move that is both well-judged and, well, a good thing.

According to this on Vocativ, “in a 12-2 vote, the House Education Committee [in Utah, USA on Monday] struck down a bill that would have given parents the ability to choose to opt their kid into comprehensive sex education including instruction on consent and emergency contraception”.

xHamster has responded by sending traffic to the site from Utah to PG-13 sex education videos.

“Beginning immediately, we’re rerouting all xHamster traffic from Utah to our comprehensive sex ed series, The Box,” said xHamster.

The videos have been produced based on questions submitted by viewers.

The allusion to Utah being the ‘thirstiest’ state in the nation is from this 2009 report, that found Utah ranked top in subscriptions to bongo sites.

The Box features videos like this one about birth control (here’s the SFW channel of videos on YouTube).

Last year, Utah declared p0rn a “public health hazard”.

In reality, it’s MENTAL that an adult site is anywhere near this, despite it being masterful marketing. And xHamster agrees. In this blog post, the  “While we love porn, we don’t think that it should be relied on for sex ed any more than Star Wars is a substitute for science class.”

Source: Vocativ

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