Resident Evil 7 candle that smells like blood

By on Monday, January 16, 2017

Creating an unusual smelling candle is the oldest trick in the PR book it seems (KFC chicken candle, Pringles candle) along with floating something massive down the Thames.

But hey-ho, Capcom has done just that to promote the upcoming release of Resident Evil 7, a game based on the popular horror films of the same name.

The candle apparently smells like “old timber, leather, and maybe some blood”, and is supposed to enhance the VR experience when you play the game (note the VR version is only available on Playstation VR).

You can buy the candle here for a rather pricey £14.99, it seems that Capcom is positioning the blood candle as a direct competitor of Yankee Candle and has said it will burn for an estimated 18-20 hours. More than enough time to complete the game.

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