Capcom creates immersive Resident Evil experience to scare fans

By on Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Resident Evil is an iconic video game franchise with millions of players around the world, so to help launch the release of the upcoming game Capcom decided to build a completely real life simulation of the game.

The stunt incorporates an ‘escape room’ type feel where fans of the franchise had to explore the entire house and use tools they found along the way to get out. Capcom set the experience up in Shoreditch and invited die hard fans of the game to come and try and explore the horror house.

I really like this stunt, it’s one of the first times (if not the first time) that a gaming company has created a real life, physical version of a game. Also the link from the game to the stunt is (obviously) extremely strong, and you can tell a lot of thought has gone into it. This is an example of marketing budget being spent in the right way on a well worked idea.


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