Pay for your meals with calories at David Lloyd Leisure

By on Thursday, December 29, 2016

David Lloyd Leisure Centre is giving their members a chance to earn their food by burning calories.

The cafe is called ‘Run For Your Bun’ and is part of a scheme to highlight the important part which food plays in maintaining a balanced diet.

Members will have to perform a high intensity, 10 minute interval on the exercise machines which has been created by the personal trainers at David Lloyd.

The personal trainers have created a number of routines which will burn around 150 calories, and because of the intensity of the workouts will allow your body to carry on burning calories even after you stop working out.

The cafe will be opening for three lunchtimes from January 11th – 13th.

I like the stunt and I think its a clever concept which works well and it is something fitness outlets and individuals can get behind.

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