Allegro Christmas ad challenges John Lewis

By on Friday, December 9, 2016

John Lewis has been the king of Christmas Ads for a while now, but this Polish company called Allegro may have just raised the bar.

Allegro is a Poland-based online marketplace much like eBay, and since the adverts release on Allegro’s Youtube channel a couple of weeks ago it’s had upwards of 8 million views.

The advert has a similar punchline to the Amazon adverts of late, pushing the idea of quick convenience for anyone making an impulse buy.

The company has given the public just about everything they could ask for, an old man, a little girl, and of course a puppy. The advert has already gained loads of coverage over social media, with the majority of people saying it comes up trumps compared with the John Lewis ad, and I’ve got to say I agree.

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