PETA tricks Londoners into drinking ‘dog’s milk’ in new stunt

By on Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Now, I’m mostly-indifferent to PETA (and its supporters would no doubt feel similarly or more strongly towards me, probably because I think animals are often delicious, I’m behind ideas like this and I publicly praise PR efforts like this) but this stunt is hilarious:

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) asked Londoners, in focus groups and on the street, to try a new milk drink.

People that tried it were in positive agreement – it was sweet, creamy and ‘whiter than white’ (WTF?). They liked it – that is, until they were told it was dog milk.

No, not milk for dogs. Milk from dogs.

Of course, it wasn’t dog milk – it was soya, according to this coverage on the Metro‘s site. But the reactions, assuming they’re real, are very funny – and the stunt has picked up some decent coverage so far.

The video does well to get across PETA’s vegan agenda with the assertion that there’s no difference between drinking cow’s milk and drinking, say, milk from a dog, or rat. Fair cop obviously, but it won’t stop me imbibing pints of the stuff most days, and I’d be surprised if it changed anybody else’s mind.

Credit: thanks to Dan Howe for tweeting with it (and sooorry)

Further reading: this by Maddox (a wordier Ozzy Man Reviews) from back in the day still makes me smile. He also made ‘for every animal you don’t eat, I’m going to eat three‘ t-shirts. Which again, because I’m a child, make me smile.

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