VW creates mobile basketball hoop for space-strapped city players

By on Monday, July 11, 2016

You know those campaigns that are lovely but you aren’t quite sure what the reason for its existence is in terms of relation to the creator beyond ‘the marketing team had some budget left over’? This is a brilliant example of one of those.

Car manufacturer Volkswagen has started a campaign that highlights the lack of inner city space. The campaign video (below) talks about the lack of playing space and, tying the two – oh, and CARS – together, the result is ‘Volksparking‘.

In short, Volkswagen created mobile basketball hoops in car parks.

The basketball hoops use sensors to detect open parking spaces and move along a track to an empty space. Large nets on either side protect nearby cars and according to the microsite, ‘fully automatic system prioritizes parking space but gives the empty slots a second function that serves the neighborhood’.

The campaign hopes to reach car park owners and local councils – so, if you know anybody and fancy VW building a Volksparking unit in your increasingly space-strapped city, share and/or get in touch with them using this link.

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