Jägermeister debuts world’s first air, sea and ice gig

By on Thursday, March 17, 2016

Jägermeister reveals it’s latest three part music themed PR stunt, set in the snow as part of the ‘JägerMusic’ programme. The alcohol company has teamed up with Bullet for My Valentine singer Matt Tuck to give a heart warming (ice melting?) performance. The acoustic rendition was the world’s first continuous gig to take place across three elements  in Lyngsfjord, Norway.

Tuck, who is the lead singer of heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine, is seen performing on a speedboat, skydiving and husky sledging.

The impressive Ice cold gig was performed in front of Tuck’s closest mates and saw him strumming his guitar whilst falling 15,000ft through the air and crossing the sea in a slightly less impressive boat.

The performance is a nod to Jäger’s relationship with music and a good time, and although the brands’ main role in the video is through its logo, Nicole Goodwin, marketing director is optimistic that the stunt will increase brand awareness.

“Jägermeister’s Ice Cold Gigs get bigger with each new installment. The unique blend of great music and ice-cold feats will engage our core 18-35 year old male audience.

“The Ice Cold Gig is a prominent feature of the ‘JägerMusic’ programme, which supports emerging and established acts. This year we wanted to celebrate musicians giving back to the people who supported them from the very start; typically their best friends.”

Tucks performance is the fifth installment of the programme which began in 2014.

Take a look at the behind the scenes video, a more upbeat version of the campaign.

Remember Jägermeister is best served ice cold!

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