“One Day You’ll Understand” says Schweppes

By on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Is there anything older people love more than reminiscing? And by ‘older’ I mean anyone over 30.

There’s often a debate raging in our office about the things we used to do… waiting for someone to get off the house phone (because there was only one), finding the lyrics for a song in the tape inlay, reverse-charging your parents from a payphone if you missed your train home, holding your Discman horizontally at ALL times, wasting hours waiting for that Teletext page to come round again, and the weekly trip to Blockbusters. Ask anyone under 30 who He-Man is and you’ll be met with a blank face.

And so I applaud the new Schweppes campaign from DelCampo Saatchi&Saatchi Buenos Aires:

Through the 1 minute 30 second video, the Argentinian campaign shows a group of 40-somethings explaining to the younger generation how things used to work in the old days. Subjects include waiting 15 days to see a photo, recording music off the radio, and only being able to see by body language, not social networks, to understand if someone liked you.

The campaign coolly connects with the older generation of drinkers who want to buy mixers, in a way that’s not patronising, but understanding. It taps into those nostalgic memories, the great memories. The campaign instigates discussion with peers (“Remember we had to wait a fortnight for Kodak to develop our photos?), whilst giving Schweppes a personality – the friend that knows what you’ve been through, and one which has been with you throughout.

Whilst I think the end line feels a little rushed (“[They gave us] the skills to appreciate the flavour of character and the subtle bubbles of Schweppes.”), this is a prime example of beautiful video production, smart creativity and emotional connection through nostalgic memories.

Cheers to that.

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