Brilliant ‘real life HITMAN’ campaign unveiled – with a Chuckle Brothers twist

By on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

This is perhaps my favourite PR stunt this year so far.

The production team behind Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette Version), Realm Pictures, were contacted by IO-Interactive and asked if they would like to make a real-life version of HITMAN, to promote the newest installment in the Agent 47 video game series.

As mentioned on Kotaku, the main character ‘could steal clothes, move objects and attack people inside, depending on the orders given by the participants, who were following the character’s movements remotely’.

Here’s a 9 minute long video showing what happened next and it’s near-flawless (statue crushing bit standing out as a difficult one to swallow):

There’s also, for those interested, a behind the scenes look, too. Criminally and despite the decent media pick-up, both only have a combined view count of around 1.5m. Sort it out, people.

And here, weirdly but in an obvious bid to extend the appeal of the effort to a nostalgic national media readership, is an admittedly excellent video showing the ACTUAL Chuckle Brothers playing the real life version:

If your ‘real life video game’ appetite is still not sated, here’s a brilliant effort from last year in trying to recreate Grand Theft Auto V. With 25m+ views, it’s both beautiful and popular, just like that girl you hated at school.

Credit: Matt Muir

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