Heineken help friends prank their mate on game night

By on Friday, March 18, 2016

Watching a football game is a time honoured tradition among most male friend groups. This is no exception in Italy, where beer company Heineken has pulled its latest stunt named ‘The Dilemma’, and its a good’un.

If you can’t watch the video I’ve explained the main points below, because I really like this one.

The video led stunt sets the scene by interviewing three guys on their tradition of watching football games with their other friend, Simone, who isn’t present. Separately Simone is offered a VIP ticket by a colleague to the upcoming Roma Vs Real Madrid football fixture and naturally he accepts. Not wanting to fess up to his mates that he has ditched them to go to the live match, he avoids phone calls and makes excuses to not watch the game with them.

The web of lies all comes to a head when before the match starts, Simone’s face appears on the big screen followed by his three mates, who expose his deceitful ways to the thousands of football fans. An embarrassed Simone tries to cover his face with a hood, but with some coaxing from the audience and the offer of a helicopter ride to his friends house to watch the match with them, Simone follows a woman, dressed in Heineken branding of course, to a room where his friends greet him.

The video ends with the four guys watching the match in the best possible seats in the stadium, drinking Heineken and having a great time. The moral of the story? Ditch your friends because Heineken will come and make the situation a whole lot better.

This stunt is the brain child of Italian agency Publicis Italy.

If you are questioning the authenticity of this stunt, Heineken has shared Simone’s Facebook page to squash your suspicions, well done Heineken!

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