Marmite bans ‘bae’ from personalised Valentine’s Day jars

By on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marmite’s done its fair share of clever marketing in the last few years.

In time for this Valentine’s Day – and to highlight the fact you can buy jars with words of your choosing on it – the brand has come out with a right headline-grabber, blending two 2 PR mainstays of recent years: banning things and personalised products.

Britain’s best-loved spread (according to Mashable, I haven’t exactly done extensive research into this) has ‘banned’ a load of pet names from being used, citing words and phrases like ‘bae’, ‘snookums’ and ‘baby cakes’.

The jars will be available to customise and purchase on the brand’s Facebook app here, retailing at £4.99.

According to The Drum, anyone typing in the blacklisted terms will instead get an asterisked version of the word instead.

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