Because phoning to have a pizza delivered sounds too much like hard work

By on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

How many people call to order a pizza anymore? No one. It is all done online and through apps. But Domino’s still think that the pizza ordering process is too complex for their customers so have simplified the process even more and made pizza available, quite literally, at the press of a button.D

Working with Flic, Domino’s have created a physical button that will link with the app via Bluetooth so that when pressed once the cooking wheels will be set in motion. All pizza lovers are required to do is save address, payment details and their favourite pizza and they can press the button as many times a day and their pizzas will keep getting delivered.

Domino’s are offering out the limited number of physical buttons, that come in a tiny pizza box, to their UK customers over their social media channels. For those not lucky enough to get one, their is a virtual button on the app that is just as easy.

Overseas pizza lovers might have topress more than one button (4 at most) to order a pizza for the time being but Domino’s is developing emoji text services and voice ordering. Soon no doubt just thinking about pizza will be enough to have one delivered to your doorstep and if that is the case I will exhaust the worlds supplies of mozzarella in a week single handedly.

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