Netflix Brasil tell students: Stop watching and study.

By on Friday, October 23, 2015

In a well timed campaign, posted on October 22, by Netflix Brasil, they cleverly ask students to stop binge watching their favorite show and go study. This weekend marks the dates for the latest  ENEM (Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio – National High School Exam) which is used to evaluate High School education in Brasil, additionally the grades from this exam can help students be placed at universities in Brasil and also a select few in Portugal.

In the video, creatively titled “To study, or not to study, that is the question” a young man binge watching is interrupted by a message on a screen asking how come he’s still watching TV, instead of studying. The conversation that follows, it tells him how much aware Netflix is about his habits and shows how unprepared he is for the exam, when he names ‘House of Cards’ Frank Underwood as the current President of the United States instead of Barack Obama. With nods towards how their service work, including the algorithm that learn viewer preferences or the 15 second countdown between episodes, the core message ask students to study now, as Netflix will still be available after the exam with their favorite shows.

Posted on Netflix Brasil Facebook Page and also available on Youtube, the Facebook stats as of now already include over 1.5 million views, almost 56000 Likes and close to 35000 shares in less than 24 hours.


Are you still watching Narcos?


Are You Sure?


Shouldn’t you be studying?


The young man questions: “What you know about my life?” The System answers: “A lot more than you can imagine.”


I know you fast forward the opening sequence from Sense8.


I know you fought the air with closed eyes imagining yourself as Daredevil.


I know you always try to use the restroom and be back before the 15 seconds are over.


And I know you should be studying for the ENEM.


The System askes: “Who is the president of the United States?” Which the young man answers: “That’s easy, it’s Frank Underwood.”

Study. Your favorite show will still be available on Netflix after the ENEM.

Study. Your favorite show will still be available on Netflix after the ENEM.

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