Panic on the streets of Dubai: Dubai Police escort escaped Dinosaur back to safety!

By on Sunday, September 13, 2015

Assumption kills creativity. Now that I’ve seen Dubai Police escort a ‘live’ dinosaur down the busiest motorway in the UAE, I’m less inclined to accept the old “we’ll never get it approved” dismissive. Congratulations to IMG Worlds of Adventure, who sent the residents of Dubai on a weekend-long hunt for the escaped dinosaur in this inspiring and all-round feel good PR Stunt.

Dinosaur in truck on Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai IMG World of Adventures

Panic on the streets of Dubai: Dubai Police escort escaped Dinosaur back to safety

Starting with an early morning tweet to announce the ‘big boy got away’ (complete with tongue-in-cheek image of ravaged cage from Dubai Docks), the quest for Dubai residents to keep their eyes peeled and share reports of sightings with the hastag #SpotTheDino continued all through the weekend. Finally, the beast was captured and an elaborate Dubai Police escort made its way along the busiest road in Dubai.

What’s of particular interest is that this stunt was amplified by Dubai Tourism in Russian and also made an appearance on Periscope. Created by IMG Worlds of Adventure to announce that the 69 state-of the-art dinosaurs in the Lost Valley – Dinosaur Adventure zone, the world’s largest multi-brand indoor theme park, has entered its final stages of work.

While numbers are still being collected, it’s already clear that this ambitious PR Stunt brought the city alive for the weekend and left a smile on the face of everyone who saw it.

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