Ampara Animal challenge expectations and stereotypes to raise awareness about stray animals.

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Ampara Animal which stands for Associação das Mulheres Protetoras dos Animais Rejeitados e Abandonados (Women Protectors of Rejected and Abandoned Animals Association) is an NGO founded in 2010 that works towards improving the living conditions for stray animals.

Playing with people expectations on the subject of dogs and how they are treated, combining on the way videos can be shared through social media and “click-bait” type stories, they created this stunt titled “Dog Meat”. By setting parallels between what can be more shocking, the video produced parallels the outrage people get on the topic of dog meat being consumed in certain parts of Mainland China and the outrage towards people still preferring to purchase a new dog or cat, rather than adopting the great number that were abandoned or rejected by the previous owner.

A video was produced looking like a programme from Chinese television station, with the fake CHTV9 logo even being very reminiscent to real CCTV, with its content entirely done in Mandarin.

The version of the video with the very click-bait title “Check out this Outrageous video (and its amazing outcome)” features the video with fake captions, as if it portrays a Chinese chef attempting to get the approval of Brazilian government to transfer the local stray dogs to China so he can turn them into meat for his restaurant. The video ends with a link to the correct video and a message about how the previous subtitles were incorrect.

The correct version simply titled “Video with Correct captions“, shows how he’s a volunteer at animal shelter sharing stories about the stray dogs featured in the video.

With this stunt the NGO tried to play with the easy outrage that can be raised via social media and from that raise awareness towards their main subject which is finding solutions to care for stray animals in Brazil.

You can find both videos below, and I have included the translation for each of the Portuguese subtitles below.

Beware, that I deliberately chose not to use the pronoun “it” for referring to animals for the English translation, so you can get a greater grasp of the effect from the videos.

For Portuguese there’s no specific pronoun to be used when talking about animals, and the same pronouns are used as if we are referring to other people, adding to the emotional effect of the text. Additionally, even though such distinction exists in Chinese, the difference can be only perceived in written text, however when spoken the pronoun is essentially the same.

Video with the Incorrect Captions:

This large one here is a rare find
Its greatest advantage is that
beyond the big steak from back here
what remains here is enough to make fried dumplings, for example.

Brazil, Latin America. Population: 200 million

It is estimated that there are over 20 million stray dogs in the country
Still, Brazilians do not accept the consumption of dog meat

My name is Chang

I am chef de cuisine and I’m trying to change that.

Are the Brazilians ready
for this new habit?

Around here, dogs that are not adopted
They spend their lives in places like this.

I’m fighting for Brazil to allow me to import
these dogs to use the meat in my restaurants

This is the most common type of dog around here.
Its size has enough meat to make a traditional stew

It serves up to 4 people

This skinny type here is more complicated to cook.
There’s little meat. See?
Then we pick up more than one at a time.
With two you can prepare a typical dish.
Of roast beef.

We are working for the project to go beyond the paper. And chances are great.

After all, if these dogs are staying here anyway
at least we’ll give them a better fate.

If this is a revolting idea for you, click on this box and watch it again with the correct captions.

Video with Correct Captions

This big one here was hit in traffic and left on the street.
He had to undergo a back surgery.
When we found him, his lung barely worked, but today it is 100%.
I mean, It would have been if he had a family, right?

Brazil, Latin America. Population: 200 million

It is estimated that there are over 20 million stray dogs in the country
Still, Brazilians prefer to buy a new animal rather than to adopt an abandoned dog.

My name is Chang

I am a volunteer at a shelter.
and I’m trying to change that.
Are Brazilians ready to change this habit?

All over the country there are NGOs and shelters like this,
that rescue stray dogs and take care of them until they are adopted.

The Ampara Animal assists these institutions

This is Bento. He is the oldest dog here.
Just because he’s mutt, no one wanted to buy him.

So he was abandoned when he was only 4 months old.

This primer here, was thrown from a moving car
and had two broken legs. But today he’s brand new.
And that’s his brother. The two are crazy to have a new family,
Maybe yours?

The captions from the previous video were wrong.

And if the story of dog meat revolted you, think again.
millions of stray dogs, till their death. Ain’t this as revolting?

Abandonment is also revolting. If you really care, adopt.

Involved Agency: DM9DDB

Source: DM9DDB & Adnews

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