Netflix posts guide explaining how to create your own Netflix and Chill button

By on Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Netflix and chill.

Goddamned Netflix and bloody chill. If there’s one meme that sums my thoughts to the whole ’10 minutes into…’ business up, it’s this (both NSFW and pretty gross. If you are a fan of Game of Thrones and/or eye gouging though, you might appreciate it).

ANYWAY, I digress. As it happens, some clever sausage at Netflix saw an easy opportunity to be part of the hook-up phrase without having to explicitly reference it, posting schematics for what it calls The Switch (all info here):

The Switch is a simple, internet-connected button that can be wired to create ‘the perfect Netflix experience with just one press’.

The device, which can be battery powered or connected to the mains depending on the components you select, can be programmed to turn on your TV and activate Netflix, dim smart lights, order takeaway food and silence your Smartphone (provided its Android).


Sure, it involves a bit of entry-level soldering (and what the Telegraph has dubbed ‘elementary programming’), but let’s be honest – this idea wasn’t put out there for anybody to actually do. As with most zeitgeist-y PR, it’s to be part of an ephemeral phase of societal idiocy, with no care for anything other than having a voice amongst it. If somebody actually does it and posts something online that takes off, well, that’s a bonus.

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