Selfridges does Christmas in August

By on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Department store Selfridges has launched Christmas in August, a mere 143 days before Christmas.

The campaign has been a resounding success with coverage in Metro, The Star, Independent, Telegraph and Guardian to name just a few.


Retail giant John Lewis has pretty much owned Christmas over the past few years with its epic TV adverts, so it is interesting to see Selfridges claim first mover advantage in the Christmas PR ‘arms race’.

While many PR companies are currently working on their long and medium lead coverage now for Christmas and wrapping up follow-up from Christmas in July events, it’s great to see a brand being brave, ignoring the question of ‘when is too soon?’ to dare approach the national newsdesks with a Christmas-themed story – and winning out as a result.

And can whoever wrote the Guardian’s headline, “Yule Love it”, please take a bow? Either a bow or ask themselves some very serious philosophical questions about life, existence and purpose.

Either way, someone has sold their soul to Santa.




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