Hidden ant-sized tickets allowed finders to see Ant-Man in the cinema for free

By on Monday, July 20, 2015

Continuing in the same vein as other marketing to this point for Ant-Man – we’ve previously seen an ant-sized billboard, an ant-sized teaser trailer and ‘Britain’s smallest art exhibition’ (more at the end of the post) – here’s a PR stunt to ‘celebrate’ (PR speak for ‘promote’) the movie, which has just been released in cinemas.

On Thursday last week, a day before the release, one hundred ant-sized IMAX tickets were hidden around three UK cities – London, Manchester and Birmingham.

See, here’s one in London:

IMAX - Ant-Man Ant-sized ticket promotion - 15 Jul 2015

The tickets, each measuring just 5 x 10mm, could be exchanged for a pair of tickets for IMAX cinemas.

See? Here’s a person posing with said ticket, exchanging it for a pair of tickets:

IMAX - Ant-Man Ant-sized ticket promotion - 15 Jul 2015

Clues to the locations of the tickets were posted on IMAX’s Twitter page. As you can see in this tweet, it was a bit simpler than searching for a stamp-sized ticket, thankfully:

As mentioned in the intro, in addition to the above, artist Willard Wigan has also created miniature Ant-Man inspired artwork, currently on show in Old Street station (thanks to Miss Cakehead for letting me know!):

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