Traffic cop shocks pedestrians in New York after lifting taxi

By on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Unsuspecting pedestrians were in for the shock, when a meter maid lifted a taxi with ease in the streets of New York. It happened after an apparent lengthy argument between the taxi driver and the traffic warden which could easily be heard by passersby.

The stunt by Car Lister, a social platform for the buying and selling of cars, was created with the help of a Thinkmodo and a stunt team. The car at first glance looks like an ordinary New York City cab, but was created to be ‘lift-able’ and illustrate just how easy it is buy and sell cars on Car Lister.


The taxi actually only required a small amount of upward force on the front-end to be lifted. While it took four and a half weeks to design and engineer, the engine as well as other components in the front of the car had to be taken out and the back tyres filled with gravel to make it ‘lift-able’.

While this might be a really entertaining stunt, having to stop witnesses from publicising the stunt so that it can be done more than once and its actual relevance to a car buying and selling platform does bring the point of the stunt a little into question.




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