L´Oréal bring 100 women to tears in waterproof makeup test

By on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

We have all been in that situation when your having a bit of an emotional moment, tears are flowing freely and you’re worried that your makeup is running… Okay well maybe not all of us, but beauty brand L´Oréal decided that was exactly how they would put their waterproof mascara to the test.

L´Oréal invited 100 women to a cinema in Mexico with each being applied waterproof mascara by beauty experts and having their photographs taken before the film. These women were then filmed watching the 195 minutes of the Titanic showing their tears and having their photos taken after the movie, comparing how well the mascara held up.

While this stunt might not be for everyone, it cleverly creates a situation that their target audience can sympathise with and presents waterproof mascara from L´Oréal as a solution to the problem that everyday women face.

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