Burger King unveil red and black burgers in Japan

By on Thursday, June 18, 2015

The fast-food chain Burger King Japan seem to be taking the idea of colourful food to the next level, launching an incredibly strange looking all-red burger and bringing back their iconic black burgers.



Both of the ranges will be available as both a beef and a chicken burger. The red burger named Aka Samurai (Red Samurai) is made with crimson cheese, tomato powder mixed with flour of the the bun and ‘Angry Sauce’. While the black burgers named Kuro Shogan and Kuro Taisho (Black General) use traditional bamboo-charcoal infused buns and ‘Black Hashed Sauce’.

Although it hasn’t officially been confirmed whether the burgers will be available at the same time, Burger King have also launched a combination of black and red pies. With the black pie combining a bamboo charcoal crust with a salted caramel and pear filling, while the red pie with a cherry powder flour crust and cherry filling.



Although the colours might put some off, with stores stocking multicoloured macaroons and rainbow cakes, why not red burgers and black burgers?

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