Heineken makes dreams come true

By on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Having discovered that people like to discuss their dreams when they have a beer in their hands, Heineken helped to bring 6 winners dreams come to life.

Heineken asked consumers to share their dreams through Skype submissions, Instagram posts or interviews at various bars across the world. The Heineken team spoke to thousands of consumers about their personal dreams, leading to 6 individuals chosen who had dreams of either opening a beach bar, sailing around the world or becoming a rockstar.

The contestants thought that they had won the vacation of a lifetime in Thailand, but in reality Heineken had arranged for their dreams to come true. Initially the winners were in the dark but one-by-one each of the winners were taken to different locations on the island and shown what they had described of their dreams.

A stage with instruments on the beach, a sailboat beached on the shore and a rundown beach bar were all left on the sand. Dreams are never easy and although Heineken had given them the tools to accomplish their dreams, it was down to the hard work of each of the winners to make their dreams come true.

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