The World’s First Piggyback Taxi Service

By on Sunday, March 22, 2015

The concept of confectionery brands grabbing our attention through a cheeky PR stunt or two in an effort to flog the stuff, most recently employed by Zang ‘the caffeinated chocolate brand’ in South Africa.

Playing on the brand’s vaguely Mexican roots, which seems to define its identity, Zang launched the world’s first piggyback taxi service in Cape Town where masked wrestlers acted as vehicles.

Activated and amplified for seemingly very little budget whatsoever, members of the public were encouraged to tweet using #ZangLift with their desired destination before being ferried by a flamboyantly dressed man mountain in a leotard.

With passengers also encouraged to snap and submit their shots across the social media stratosphere, what followed was a slew of re tweets and widespread international coverage as a result.

Simple, cute and cost effective, the results speak for themselves as a small social campaign is transformed into column inches full to the brim with key messaging and context. Nice work.



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