Real money hidden in 80 selected Monopoly sets

By on Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Have you ever imagined if Monopoly money was swapped for real cash? Well, for 80 lucky players it is soon to become a reality.

Monopoly maker Hasbro has secretly included real cash in a select number of sets to celebrate the 80th anniversary of the game’s first appearance in France.

Hidden in one of the selected 80 sets will be the massive jackpot, which will include every note in the game replaced by real money. Adding up to a grand total of €20,580 (£15,532).

Monopoly Board

Aside from the jackpot set, 10 sets will contain five €20 notes, two €50 notes and one €100 note, with a further 69 sets which will contain five €10 notes and five €20 notes.

The switch of the paper money for the authentic cash was secretly carried out in the small french town of Creutzwald, the location of the Hasbro packaging facility.

Since the creation of Monopoly, a mind-boggling 300 million sets have been sold in more than 111 countries and 43 different languages. A reported 500,000 sets are sold each year in France alone.

The 80 selected sets are hidden within 30,000 boxes of different types of Monopoly – classic, junior, electronic and “vintage”.

With little noticeable difference between the editions with the real cash and the paper money, it would be a crime not to mention that a canny buyer might be able spot the distinction between the weight of the boxes…

Source: Telegraph

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