‘Guide Dog Cam’ footage released in bid to ban pavement parking

By on Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Charity Guide Dogs has released a ‘Guide Dog Cam’ video to help highlight the problem parking on the pavement presents to blind people.

Guide Dogs dog cam

The campaign, launched last week, coincided with a scheduled debate in Parliament about whether or not to ban pavement parking, which the charity argue affects those living with sight loss, older people and people with buggies the most.

Although it is essentially a lobbying exercise with a serious message, all I could think about when I watched it was ‘that dog is awesome’. The ‘seeing through a dog’s eyes’ element is a smart way to highlight what is otherwise a pretty dull issue.

Here’s the video:

The Guide Dog Cam featured prominently in the BBC’s coverage of the proposed ban, as well as receiving coverage on the like of the Mirror Online in its own right, along with the results of a commissioned YouGov survey, which found that 54% of drivers admit to parking on the pavement, of which 17% are doing it once a week or more.

Involved agency: Grayling (thanks to Jack Storry for sending over)

Read more: on Guide Dogs’ news post about the campaign

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