By on Friday, October 10, 2014

Come on, everyone enjoys the little satisfaction that a simple high-five brings. Master the speed and trajectory and, for a split second, you feel like the next few steps should be bouncing off a red carpet. Well, Dutch Airline KLM gave a handful of lucky people the chance to take it international.


As part of the airline’s World Deal Week, two separate and equally impressive screens were set up over 3,500 apart in NYC and Amsterdam. The live installation challenged passers-by to create the perfect high-five with their international counterpart, a task not as easy as it sounds. Countless tries and failed attempts later, a few well-orchestrated pairs where rewarded for their efforts; City swap tickets with KLM to either NYC or Amsterdam!


The idea demonstrates the clever use of live interaction whilst bringing together a gesture that’s recognised world-over. Nice work…


Enjoy the video below:



Source: https://blog.klm.com/the-perfect-high-five/



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