#Flightdecks: Virgin’s gig at 30,000ft

By on Thursday, October 23, 2014

How does the world’s coolest airline launch the inaugural flight of the new Virgin Atlantic 787, as it flies from London to Atlanta, USA for the very first time?
With a performance from Rudimental and Gorgon City at 30,000ft in the sky of course!

Rudimentals and Gorgon City to Play Live-streamed ... - The Virgin Atlantic Blog 2014-10-23 12-56-07
The #flightdecks campaign allowed the public to win tickets via social media .Those who are not lucky enough to have won can still enjoy the gig as it will be live streamed via wi-fi, whilst the 787 is flying over the Atlantic Ocean.

The brilliant choice in upcoming musicians were chosen to represent the evolution of EDM music to the mainstream.
Homepage | Virgin Atlantic FlightDecks 2014-10-23 12-58-24

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