Puma #foreverfaster campaign backfires

By on Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Puma has joined the growing list of big brands embarrassed by their own social media stunts, as twitter users quickly discovered the glaring flaw in the #foreverfaster campaign, recently launched by the company.

The premise of the stunt was to invite fans to tweet Puma with the hashtag to receive a message of support from one of their famous ambassadors including Usain Bolt. However, a few creative minds picked up on the fact that tweeting from accounts using rude or lewd handles could result in some interesting replies including Marco Reus ‘thanking cocaine’.

forever faster


Not an obvious mistake by Puma – you’d have been hard pressed to come up with this one as a potential problem. However, this should serve as a warning to anyone using auto generated messaging – there are always gaps in the system so make sure you scope them all out!

Luckily for Puma this is actually quite funny – though I am sure that the likes of Fabregas is not best pleased – but certainly one they can bounce back from.

A lesson for us all to learn from!

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