Dating site launch ‘aphrodisiac’ dining events

By on Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A series of ‘aphrodisiac’ dining events are being put on for Londoners by dating site

match aphrodisiac

Pop-up events based around menus featuring supposedly aphrodisiac ingredients designed to get singles ‘in the mood’ for meeting potential dates’ will run from August 20th. The locations will be revealed to members 48 hours before the event.

To launch the aphrodisiac dining events, daters were invited to test an aphrodisiac menu free of charge at the temporary Aphrodisiac Café in London’s Soho Square (more on that here).

The events have been created following research by that identified that bad table manners and poor dinner date decorum is most likely to prevent a second date – though I can’t help but think that neither of these things will be improved because your food is alleged to give you the horn. Perhaps you’ll be so enamoured and busy playing footsy you won’t mind your date spitting food as they talk?

As campaigns go, you don’t have to leap too far away from the client to get to this charming idea, but I’m not sold on the scientific merits of an ‘aphrodisiac’ ingredient. (This from a man that concluded that Thai green curry is the secret to spicing up your sex life, based on a release I wrote for Just-Eat six – SIX – years ago simply entitled ‘Thai Curry Equals More Sex‘. Subtle).

Involved agency: Brands 2 Life

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