Burger King serve gay pride burger with powerful message

By on Friday, July 4, 2014

Burger King served its new ‘Proud Whopper’ to some confused customers at one location in San Francisco. Many did not understand why the burger was different, and the cashiers gave no clues. Diners were given rainbow coloured packaged burgers to coincide with the LGBT Pride Week celebrations in the city.

They tried to guess what was different about the burgers compared to the Whopper they would usually buy but the only difference was a message on the wrapper that said ‘We Are All The Same Inside’. All of the proceeds from the burger will be donated to their McLamore Foundation, giving scholarships to LGBT college students.

The powerful message has underlined a successful PR campaign by Burger King for its newly reworked slogan ‘Be Your Way’. They have been tweeting colourful origami at people commenting on the stunt and gave out rainbow coloured versions of the iconic BK crown.


Some dislike the way it refuses to celebrate diversity and difference but this does not detract from the uplifting campaign, especially its accompanying viral video. The clip follows the customers buying the burgers and their emotional journey whilst eating them. It has cute moments to give it an emotional punch, such as the adorable girl that shouts ‘I love my two mommies!’


Watch the full video here:


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