Empowering a team with the beats from your heart

By on Thursday, June 12, 2014

The title pretty much summarizes this stunt from  Itaú Unibanco.

The entire action titled “Beat of the Heart”  (“Batucada de Coração”), used orange colored balls equipped with sensors capable of  recording heart beats from whoever is holding it with both hands, this special ball was used to collect the heartbeat from people around the country – the heartbeat that represents the people support for the team. This “heartbeat collection”  was conducted in early May throughout several major cities in Brazil:

All the heartbeat collected would be later on gathered in one only ball which would be handed to the players for all the heartbeat supporting them, and a second video was produced, which used the collected sounds as part of the background track, which you can watch below:

According to Eduardo Tracanella, the marketing superintendent from  Itaú Unibanco, their main goals with this stunt was to remind people of the upcoming games and also with the heartbeat collection establish a tighter connection between the people around the country to the players who are part of the national team.

 Involved agency: Africa Agency

Source: Revista Exame / Meio e Mensagem

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