First ever billboard set to appear on the moon

By on Saturday, May 17, 2014

Yep, the moon. A Japanese beverage company, Otsuka, will place a large 1kg titanium version of their sports drink, Pocari Sweat, on the moon’s surface in October 2015.

The cannister will contain a powdered version of the citrus-flavoured drink , with a Falcon 9 rocket carrying it on what will be a four-and-a- half day voyage. It will be placed on the lunar surface by a company called Astrobotic Technology, who will use the opportunity to attempt to win Google’s lucrative Lunar X competition, which awards $20 million for the first company to land a device on the moon that can both travel 500m  on its surface and send high-definition pictures back to earth.

The cannister will also be engraved with the dreams of 38,000 children from across Asia, with the company expressing a desire to inspire young children to become astronauts.

Daily Mail/Business Wire

Daily Mail/Business Wire


Washington PostThe Daily MailThe Independent and The Mirror are among the publications that have picked up the story, which takes exploring alternative marketing platforms to a whole other level.

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