Plane passengers treated to impromptu performance by the cast of the Lion King

By on Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Australian Touring cast of The Lion King musical pulled of a simple, possibly impromptu, stunt that is set to go viral:

The cast, all at on board a Virgin Atlantic flight, burst into song, successfully stealing the attention of anyone aboard the flight. Performing the worldwide hit “Circle Of Life” the cast belt their hearts out whilst passengers look on in awe.

The stunt, which took place before take off, is seemingly simple and caught masses of attention for the right reasons. On the way back from a promotional tour, the cast have propelled themselves into the spotlight globally – something any nationwide promotion tour organiser would be thrilled at. The simplicity ¬†of the stunt highlights that sometimes less is more – and if it doesn’t work, well.. Hakuna Matata!


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