Smartly-dressed man being led around London on all fours in acting project PR stunt

By on Friday, April 11, 2014

On the 11th of April in Farringdon, London, a smartly-dressed man on a lead (leash for our Transatlantic friends) was led around on all fours:

man on lead farringdon

It appears to be a PR stunt, though for what? Well, Twitter is in the process of working that bit out the verdict is finally in – check the reason out below the videos.

Kaper PR’s Sasha Fox filmed and kindly sent me these (disturbing) videos:


The Independent’s social media editor Felicity Morse made it her mission to find out exactly why the man was on a lead. Today (the 15th), she wrote this.

The woman in the image above came forward and introduced herself as Eden Avital Alexander, revealing that the stunt was actually an acting project and the director was the man on the leash.

Eden, who’s been a stage actress for 20 years, said the reactions of passersby were filmed, which will soon be cut into three minutes of the best responses. Eden responded to all intrigued passers-by ‘within character’, saying she believes ‘that a lot of people raised important issues in their response; such as equality of gender, human rights, animal rights, where PR stops and personal life begins.’


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