KFC release the ‘chicken corsage’ in time for prom season

By on Monday, April 14, 2014

In time for proms in the US, KFC has created the ‘chicken corsage’ – because what says ‘end-of-year teen romance’ more than a flowery wrist strap adorned by the fried leg of a dead animal?

kfc chicken corsage prom

According to the official promo page for the corsage, the company has partnered with Kentucky-based florist Nanz & Kraft to create 100 limited edition corsages. According to a KFC spokesperson speaking to ABC two days ago, there had ‘already been 20 orders for the accessory and even a request from a wedding party in Kentucky’.

Here’s a wonderfully awkward video to promote the product, in which a young suitor presents his date with an original recipe corsage:


It feels like a somewhat small-time PR idea from a brand as well-known as KFC, especially when you find out that the $20 corsage (get one here) simply buys you a flower corsage and a $5 KFC coupon. I don’t know the going rate for corsages these days, but I’d wager you can pick one up for $15 and, should you so desire, you could simply attach whatever fast food item takes your fancy.

Still, perhaps oddball product tie-ins are becoming KFC’s thing, having also brought up the KFC Candle last November.

Thanks to Rachel Miller for sending this one my way!

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