Male bra inventor to get breast implants in crowd funding PR stunt

By on Friday, February 28, 2014

In what is a pretty out-there PR stunt, I’ve just spotted this press release.

The title is:

– Male CEO of Lingerie Company Kewi to Get Breast Implants to Test His Invention and Help Reach $1 Million Crowdfunding Target –

So, uh, yeah. The CEO of a lingerie company – a bloke – is prepared to get breast implants, so he can ‘test’ his new high-tech bra.

This guy:

kewi bra Muyiwa Olumide

You have to take your hat off to US-based Kewi Bra founder Muyiwa Olumide, who has announced that ‘he will not let genetics stand between further groundbreaking discoveries’. It’s an announcement that teeters on the edge of shocking enough to get people talking but plausible and easily passed-off as somebody so passionate about their products they’re willing to go to any length to promote and improve it. (Though the improving bit is very much secondary in my mind). He will undergo the breast augmentation surgery next month.

The stunt is to raise the profile of this Indigogo crowd funding campaign to create a bra that relieves pain in the backs of larger-breasted women (and men, obviously). At the time of writing has only raised $600 of the $25,000 goal. There are four days to go.

Olumide said:

“I will document my experiences of getting breast implants as a man and film the process. I will detail all of my discoveries and how they impact the design and push forward our already revolutionary Kewi Bra concept via our crowdfunding project.”

The Kewi Bra, slated for release this summer, uses ‘patented floating technology to effortlessly lift all the weight of the breasts and give a fully customized fit for cups sizes D, DD and above’ (up to P, apparently). I won’t even pretend to understand it but I thought you might like to know.

Here’s the video on the campaign page:

It all reminds me of Moss’ Abracada-bra on The IT Crowd, to be honest:

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