Doritos Photobomb Super Bowl XLVIII

By on Monday, February 3, 2014

With a host of big-budget, celebrity endorsed adverts vying for a spot in the public eye around America’s flagship sporting event, Super Bowl XLVIII, there was more emphasis than ever for brands to try and create something clever and innovative to gatecrash the party with a PR stunt. With advertising space valued at an eye watering $4 million for 30 seconds of  footage, Super Bowl XLVIII was a potential goldmine for PR’s. As far as PR stunts go, there was one that stood-out for it’s innovation and creativity, with Doritos dressing up a group of around 30 people in bright orange outfits to make a giant Doritos crisp in the crowd.

Doritos Photobomb

The simple but well executed stunt was tweeted by Doritos and had over 2,500 retweets and 4,250 favourites within the first 12 hours. It was a clever idea that was particularly effective as it drove interaction with their Twitter page, greatly increasing their following, and making them one of the most discussed topics on a night highly saturated with brand messages.

Doritos Photobomb 2

The images tweeted live from the event were backed up by video content from the Doritos official Youtube channel showing the 30 orange fans receiving an official award for breaking a World Record for the world’s biggest Dorito (a tenuous World Record if I’ve ever heard one)

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