Possibly fake anti-truancy video gets almost 10m views in 5 days

By on Monday, February 3, 2014


Seconds before disaster…

An group of Australian video producers have garnered nearly 10 million views for a anti-truancy campaign video purportedly for a charity called Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia.

The video opens with a group of stereotypically beautiful Australian teens heading for a day at the beach but turns gruesome when they stumble into a minefield. At the end an anti-truancy message reads ‘This is what happens when you slack off’. Links under the video lead to the website of the Learn for Life Foundation of Western Australia but as Slate have pointed out the website seems to be a shell leading many to assume the video is actually designed to promote its makers Henry & Aaron.

The mystery and the funny and shocking video have led to the group receiving millions of views in a short period of time and the makers seems reluctant to clear things up. Hardly surprising given that their previous videos have struggled to make it over 1000 views.

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