Groupon offer ‘mere mortals’ the chance to upgrade to Humanity 2.0 – for free

By on Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Groupon has released a fun deal/PR stunt today that enables us ‘mere’ humans to upgrade to Humanity 2.0.

Groupon PR stunt

According to the offer description,

‘mere mortals can free themselves from the guilt of their abandoned New Year’s resolutions with a total personality overhaul from the comfort of their own hovel.

With the mind conquered, the body will soon follow suit with various improvements over the old fleshy, worn out form being shipped on completion of the course. Upgrades include X-ray vision, hydraulic legs, and rocket launchers.’

The ‘deal’ highlights include:

  • An upgrade from humanity to cold, hard logic
  • The ability to live free from the constraints of emotion and physical ailment
  • ‘Disabled’ burps, hangovers, and perspiration on public transport

Given the lack of expense and effort they’ll have had to go to with this, a bit of coverage/’buzz’ (bleurgh)/a few newsletter signups will probably be enough to keep the bosses happy.

It reminds me of this, which did the Reddit/social media rounds a few years back:

human v 1.1

Here’s the deal and a bit more information: Groupon

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