Experience day site offer England cricket team chance to ‘buy a win’

By on Thursday, January 23, 2014

In a manner not too dissimilar to Paddy Power’s recent waxwork delivery of Sir Alex Ferguson to Old Trafford, an experience day website has decided to take aim at England’s beleaguered cricket team and disprove the sporting phrase ‘[they] can’t buy a win’.

Buyagift is offering England an exclusive £100 package for a game of ‘winnable cricket’ against Hurley Cricket Club – the ‘Buy a Win’ package can be seen here.

buyagift england cricket stunt

Village club Hurley, established in 1904, has agreed to play the national team in a bid to ‘boost their confidence’ by giving them a game they *should* be able to win. As well as the game, the package includes a traditional ‘cricket tea’ and free drinks, including a range of local ales, from Hurley Cricket Club’s bar.

Of course, this cheeky stunt is a smash-and-grab, inexpensive PR effort, further evidenced by Hurley Cricket Club Secretary Mike Walton’s quote, in which he said:

“Normally the honour of having internationals at the club would be enough, but KP and co have been so off-form of late, that we’ll need to be paid for the embarrassment of losing to them.”

Source: Metro UK

Involved agency: Frank PR

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