Ay Caramba, Simpsons LEGO

By on Sunday, January 12, 2014

When Danish plastic-brick-pedlars LEGO – you may have heard of them – announced that they were teaming up with the world’s favourite animated family, The Simpsons – whom you may have also come across – it was no surprise that children between the ages of 3 and 55 years old were so excited that they almost ate their shorts.

Recreated in LEGO’s typically detailed, and not to mention painstakingly accurate, style – the dollhouse-like self-assembly set is of the eponymous family home is created using over 2,500 pieces, taking in every aspect of the increasingly dysfunctional members’ lives.


Complete with minifigures of each of the five Simpsons family members – Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie are also joined by their god loving, moustache wearing neighbour Ned Flanders. What’s more, each of the rooms are adorned in the various accoutrements viewers associate most with their favourite characters, including LEGO representations of iconic items like Bart’s skateboard, the couch and TV as well as and the family’s dirty pink car.

Jill Wefert of the LEGO Group said in a statement, “We know our fans will love the challenge of building the Simpsons’ family home in great detail and the ability to collect quintessential characters in Lego minifigure form.”


Although it has been reported like it is the second coming – or at least a world first – this is by no means the first time LEGO have teamed up with entertainment brands, having had some half decent success with kits based on Lord of the Rings, Toy Story, The Avengers and Star Wars (you may have heard of some of these also).

According to purveyors of mass-market brand and TV entertainment tie ups FOX, a full Simpsons episode is due to air this year, in which the entire animated cast will be replaced by their LEGO selves. This along with the countless clever, timely and tongue in cheek PR tactics that have peppered the public consciousness in recent years, the interest in the increasingly imminent LEGO Movie is undoubtedly about to reach fever pitch.

So, break out your favourite blocks of coloured plastic and watch this space for some further ingenious PR stunts in the days and weeks leading up to the premier this February.


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