Grolsch Try To Find Rare Characters With Cool Interactive Website

By on Saturday, January 11, 2014

The premium lager maker Grolsch have developed a brilliant video that you interact with using your phone. It tests whether you have as much rare character as their drinks. If you are successful, you win a free four-pack of Grolsch. First of all, you are invited into the office of a charismatic psychoanalyst by a husky, mysterious voiceover.

You then get a quirky question and have to text your answer to the number given. This is where the user experience of this awesome PR campaign gets pretty special, as the psychoanalyst on screen prints off your answer and then calls you to give you your diagnosis. Unfortunately, the few people I have shown this to have been rejected, but are you a rare character?


Follow this link to give the competition a try (over 18s only).

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