A “Lush” Valentines – for all.

By on Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Cosmetics and Beauty chain, Lush, have released details of their latest Valentines campaign – which promotes the tagline “We believe in love”.

Created in response to the controversial Russian laws regarding homosexuality & LGBTQ* issues, the campaign will be revealed to the public in the next few weeks across its 700 stores globally.  The campaign encourages customers to paint pink triangles on both themselves and their partners, and share pictures of their hearts together on social media.

The retailers strong stance on this issue, particularly around the time of the imminent Sochi Winter Olympics, has been welcomed by many LGBTQ campaigners, such as Stonewall and Human Rights organisations, following “Silent Fronts” from key sponsors of the games.

The Campaign, however, won’t be launched in Russia due to it’s anti-gay legislation, and would be at risk of violating the country’s “homosexual propaganda” law if the signs appeared in any of the retailer’s 63 Russian shops.

President Putin’s laws, against the teaching or exposure of “non-traditional relationships and families” to minors, mean that it’s illegal to even mention what homosexuality is to younger generations. The law, which is purposefully broad, excludes LGBTQ persons and has led many to feel persecuted for reasons beyond their control.

Lush has often used it’s storefront presence to highlight social injustice and once again this campaign will use its high street stores to showcase its strong brand message. Lush will also be organising a “LGBTQ Carnival” to be held outside the Russian Embassy, in London, on Valentine’s day. This will aim to put their campaign into a physical, peaceful, form, symbolising a united front against homosexual discrimination and negative treatment of sexual minorities.

Tamsin Omond, Head of Campaigns for Lush stated- “Valentine’s Day is the perfect to time to stand up [for] everyone’s right for love. No country, company, or individual can stop love; all they can do is punish people for that love-To do so – to forbid or criminalise love – is unnatural and cruel, so I am proud that we are standing in solidarity with LGBTQ people and campaigning for equal love.”

The campaign is set to be launched in the following weeks. for more information see @Lushltd on Twitter!


*LGBTQ -Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning

Source: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/cosmetics-chain-lush-stands-up-for-gay-rights-in-run-up-to-sochi-winter-olympics-9085518.html

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