Lingerie brand produces adverts with ‘real’ models and no Photoshop, goes viral

By on Friday, January 24, 2014

A lingerie brand has launched a series of adverts featuring models who have not been Photoshopped in a body-confidence campaign that has gone viral.

In a move similar to Dove’s ‘Campaign For Real Beauty’, Aerie, a subsidary of American Eagle, the popular American clothing retailer, claims in its ads that it’s’ time for a change’, and boldy delcares ‘NO MORE RETOUCHING OUR GIRLS AND NO MORE SUPERMODELS’.

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In the current climate of rising anger towards the media’s rendering of beauty norms for women, this is a timely and welcome move. Rare is the brand that taps into the real and significant shift in women’s perceptions of what is acceptable – and more and more women are disaffiliating themselves with the ‘ideal’ presentation of female beauty.

This video offers a pretty damning indictment of the images individuals should aspire to according to the beauty industry, and at the time of writing has had more than 3.5 million views on YouTube.

Aerie’s campaign firmly shows that the brand refuses to ally itself with the standards of the beauty industry any longer, a turning point and a gamble for the business – especially when contrasted with the stance of other large retailers. Who could forget that comments of CEO of Abercrombie, Mike Jeffries, about the only type of customer he wants in his stores –  “cool, good-looking people. The company famously doesn’t stock larger sizes for women.

Emma Bazilian, a staff writer at Adweek has commented, ‘The difference between the Aerie real campaign and, for instance, a Victoria’s Secret campaign, is that Victoria’s Secret … they completely airbrush out every single blemish or stretch mark.’

‘Hopefully, this is a new age in advertising for female empowerment.’

The campaign has been picked up by MailOnline and Buzzfeed – but its real success will be measured by the consumer’s – and the industry’s – reaction to Aerie’s breaking the mould .

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