Top 10 PR and marketing stunts and campaigns of November 2013

By on Wednesday, December 4, 2013

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Here in reverse order, based on the most popular posts, is the best the prmediamarketingadvertisingdigiverse had to offer throughout this wonderful month of November.

10. Digital Magic – British Airways #lookup – Do you like technology? Do you like planes? Do you like ads? Egads, you’re in for a treat. This billboard campaign in London’s Piccadilly Circus features a boy who’s sparked into animation and points to British Airways planes when they overhead, even telling you what the flight number is. SORCERY, I tell you. Post by Andrew Barratt.


9. Sony Takeover OXO Tower for PS4 Launch Stunt –  the OXO Tower, a prominent building in London’s skyline, has been cleverly taken over by Sony as part of the next-gen console marketing war currently playing out between the PS4 and Xbox One, wearing the famous symbols found on every generation of PlayStation controllers so far. Post by PR recruitment company Workfish’s Jack Field

8. Dear Topshop: A Pinterest-ing Christmas Campaign – customers are being challenged to submit their very own “inspirational Pinterest board”  in this smart partnership between Topshop and Pinterest. Post by Hope and Glory PR’s Don Ferguson

7. Cluckin’ Hell it’s a KFC Candle – because he’s said it in an immeasurably funnier way than I would have done, KFC has released a candle made from actual chicken, ‘providing a solution to the age old problem of ‘making your house smell like a cheap hangover cure’. Post and LOLs from Hope & Glory PR’s Don Ferguson

6. Tiger Woods hits golf ball from Europe into Asia in world-first PR stunt – a simple stunt, featuring everybody’s favourite adulterous golfer. Tiger proves he’s still greeeaaat, commanding worldwide coverage for blocking a road whilst hitting a tiny white ball.

tiger woods golf tee off europe asia

5. Pac-Man return marked by world record for ‘largest playable game projection’ – I love video games and it’s like saying you hate The Beatles, but ‘classics’ like Pac-Man and Tetris just never did it for me. Still, Pac-Man is back with a new game – based on a TV show based on the game – and here’s a nice campaign partnership with the Gadget Show to tell us about it.

4. 20 year old ‘beats off hundreds’ to become UK’s ‘Horniest Student’ – a campaign for a student ‘match making’ site with a name you won’t forget in a hurry. Read it and weep about the state of the world in which we live, people.

3. John Lewis rewards ‘most patient man on Twitter’ following account name mix up – after an explosion in the number of people tweeting him about the ruddy John Lewis Christmas ad, a bloke actually called John Lewis remained polite and dignified, instead directing Twitter users to the retailer’s profile. Spotting a marketing opportunity (supposing the whole thing isn’t, as some think, one big marketing opportunity), John Lewis has offered John Lewis an undisclosed gift. AIN’T THAT SWEET? Post by WPR’s Jade Mansell.

2. Knife-wielding Chucky terrifies public in bus stop ad prank – a genuinely terrifying shock stunt to promote the new straight-to-DVD Child’s Play film. Clearly, nobody thought of the children when they decided a vertically challenged actor laughing maniacally whilst chasing you with a knife after bursting through an ad was the way to reach their target audience.

And the most popular post this month was…

1. Pepsi dress as Coca-Cola for Halloween – a brilliantly cheeky effort from right at the beginning of the month (for an ad technically right at the end of the last) – note the ‘Cola Coca’ text on the cape. Post by WAA’s Alex Mansell who wins this month’s £50 contributor prize for having the most popular post!

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